Fax from #CecilTheLion

“After a week of inflamed outrage I am quite pleased my Earthly death has lit hearts afire. Make no mistake, anger can be a catalyst for change. But a finger pointed outward at a common enemy en masse is not the lesson of my disrespectful murder. One must always look within at their own sickness, their own darkness and the small levels of disrespect we harbor for our families, to our planet, and even yes towards our enemies.

Many of you merely plug your ears and close your eyes to all forms of utter contempt, atrocity and murder *unless* it deals with my fellow animal tribe. Some of you only scream from the rooftops when an oil tanker spills. Others have carried the flag against police brutality or for transgender rights. Trust me, there is plenty to be outraged about.

To that end: We are all ONE.

When you begin to deal with your own apathy, your own forms of small daily disrespect, and your own anger something wonderful happens – gratitude and empathy emerges. A gracious and empathetic person understands the term solidarity. Solidarity breeds community, learning, understanding and sharing.

With the coming planetary changes, you’ll need each other now more than ever. For every cause you have championed, for every angry outburst you’ve exhibited, wasn’t it all about YOU?

Look around at what you may have ignored: the downtrodden friend who has been victimized by a bank, the neighbor who has been marginalized, the stranger on the street who’s rights were erased as you walked on by. All forms of disrespect create a butterfly effect that offloads like a pressure valve in the form of our ‘viral outrage’ that culminates in events like the response to my death.

Let’s celebrate the death of apathy. This isn’t a contest over who’s outrage is more righteous. Let’s now move forward and solve these problems, piece by piece, together.

– Cecil the LionHearted”


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