PGP Email Easier with Mailvelope Firefox Plugin [Tutorial]

I’ve had some problems getting PGP just right in the past but Mailvelope, specifically their Firefox Plugin makes it super easy as it works within your current webmail.

PGP is essentially an encrypted Public Key + encrypted Private Key you create and another user creates to communicate privately. You write an email, encrypt it according to your distinct Private Key and the recipient’s Public Key. The recipient can only decrypt it by allowing their Private key plus their secure password to do so.

Mailvelope Step-by-Step

1. First, head to

2. Depending on your browser – Firefox or Chrome, download the extension and install.

3. Watch this setting up Mailvelope video tutorial:

4. Once you plug in your email and a highly secure password, you can then upload your Public Key to MIT’s Public Key Server (this isn’t essential, but nearly everyone does it for easier sharing).


The public key looks like this:

Version: SKS 1.1.5
Comment: Hostname:

And ends with:



5. After uploading, to get your shareable MIT link, you need to go back to and search your Key ID.

6. To find that, go back into the Mailvelope Settings, I’ve highlighted with the red arrow.

Inline image 1

Then find that tab that says Key ID as illustrated below.

Then, on the MIT site, plug into the search bar:
0x______________ and then your Key ID.

7. Use a domain shortener like or subdomain forwarding if you want to easily share your PGP Public Key. I used subdomain forwarding in my instance ->

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