Cool Find: An Open Letter to Canon

Thank you Doug Bayne!
‎”I had dreams of making cinematic masterpieces, for less than the price of a new dog”. Haha

All jokes aside I think that’s the major misconception from many people who go out and buy a real nice HDSLR and expect it to spew out pure effortless gorgeousness. Now, in fairness, these cameras make it MUCH, MUCH easier to create professional visuals. But, like any thing that is worthwhile and artistic, it is still a craft.

I can’t take a crash course in carpentry via Mahalo or YouTube and expect to be able to build a well-crafted treehouse though I wish it was possible.

Passion will take you really far, but nothing will ever overtake talent, experience, knowledge, and lots and lots of lessons learned mistakes and failure.

Do you agree with Doug??

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